Company - Caucchioli Contenitori


The company “Caucchioli Containers Metal" with its headquarters in Bovolone, was founded in 2001, and is a leader in the sector of metal containers for companies. The strength of the company lies in the study and research aimed at understanding the specific requests of the customer, especially when it comes to the storage concerns and the problems related to space management in industries.

Our company operates mainly in the sectors of turning, electromechanics, mechanics in general, agriculture, construction, plastics.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental element, in fact the products made are built with quality materials and issued with UNI EN certificates in compliance with the provisions of the EEC directives; our coatings ensure the least possible environmental impact.

Our company manufactures a wide range of standard containers but has specialized strongly in custom-made containers, designing them in such a way as to satisfy the customer in all its particular needs and solving any of its problems.